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We simplify task analysis.

TaskArchitect is the Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) tool used by organizations around the world to achieve results for their most critical projects.

Version 3

Go to the next level of task analysis with the help of TaskArchitect Pro 3
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TaskArchitect has been purchased by Kern Technology Group, LLC, and will continue sales and support of TaskArchitect V3.


Visit our solutions page for descriptions of how TaskArchitect has helped our many users. You can see feedback from the U.S. Army here.

TaskArchitect helps you analyze tasks quickly and provides powerful analysis tools. See how Task Architect can help make your team more:

  • EFFICIENT: Experience improved productivity in quick collection and analysis of tasks.
  • FLEXIBLE: Use detailed information on tasks to design systems, reduce the risk of human error, analyze training needs, document and design user interfaces, and improve human system integration.
  • POWERFUL: Templates enable users to quickly learn how to conduct cognitive task analysis, human error analysis (SHERPA), training needs assessment, and more.

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