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TaskArchitect closing down sale

July 23, 2013
Thank you, friends and customers.

There are big changes at TaskArchitect, as the retail sales come to an end and the source code is put up for sale.

It’s been a wonderful 12 years designing and selling TaskArchitect. However, it’s time to change gears. So we’ve decided to close the business and sell the source code.

TaskArchitect software - retail sales stopped

As of today, following one month of sales prior to closing, we have stopped all retail sales of TaskArchitect.

We will provide email support for one year after purchase.

TaskArchitect Source Code for Sale

TaskArchitect is still the only dedicated, commercial hierarchical task analysis tool. It is the go-to tool for human factors professionals carrying

There is huge potential for someone to purchase the source code for internal company use or retail sales.

Contact sales for details

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